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Description of 【小2算数 水かさ計算】かんたん!反復問題集(無料)

It is a collection of iteration problems for water graduation calculation for elementary school second grader.
Rather than buying a drill, rather than buying a collection of questions,
Repeat practice with free apps! Calculation is determined by the amount of iteration!

Let's improve academic ability by doing iterative calculation.

It is a format that selects answer to the problem from 4 options.

The question is randomly presented.
We will be asked 20 questions in a row continuously.

【Example of problem】
· What is L dL for 81 dL?
· 9 dL + 7 dL =

Supported OS
Android 4.0 or higher

Version history jp.gr.java_conf.mysoft.android.simplestudy.ps2_water_cal1
New in jp.gr.java_conf.mysoft.android.simplestudy.ps2_water_cal1 1.0.9
Ver 1.0.9 (2018/01/08)・「筆算」へのリンクを追加しました。
New in jp.gr.java_conf.mysoft.android.simplestudy.ps2_water_cal1 1.0.8
Ver 1.0.8- 「上がり九九」「下がり九九」へのリンクを追加しました。
New in jp.gr.java_conf.mysoft.android.simplestudy.ps2_water_cal1 1.0.10
Ver 1.0.10 (2018/8/11)
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